Monday, 21 November 2011

MTBO Dark Peak 61km Enduro

Victory !!  1st out of 81 on the long route.

Teresa and me headed up to Chapel for a relaxed 830-9am start. Driving through really thick fog on the way up we thought it was going to be a trudge, only to be greeted by blue skies and cloud inversions north of Buxton.

Edale Panorama - cloud in the valley, clear up top !
A great hard day's training - beating Pat Higgins by 6-7 mins which is always good as Pat's a great rider. Really good riding from Chapel over some new stuff around Rowarth - a nice climb and descent logged there for future rides !

Route took us from Chapel past Birch Vale, Rowarth (all new to me), then PBW back down to Hayfield - Roych Clough - Rushup - Edale - Hollins Cross - Castleton - Bradwell - Dirtlow Rake - Peak Forest - Chapel.

Got a bit muddy and gloopy round Hollins cross - the climb up was extremely slippy mud and the descent down was actually not too bad.

Results here