Sunday, 2 October 2011

Shimano CX70 Brakes - Initial thoughts

Well, they arrived 1hour before yesterday's race but I've got them on now. Goodbye to the old Froglegs - and to be honest I'm glad to be rid of them - they turn descent descents into nightmares.

I only fitted them this morning, but needless to say they've already had a hammering on the hills round here and initialy thoughts are very good.

Even though they're clearly not bedded in and the pads don't yet sit square on the rims, they're infinitely better already.

I'm hoping that they live up to Shimano's habit of generally not putting a foot wrong with either MTB or road equipment. I'll try and put a full review up soon as I've not found anything on the web yet as they are very VERY new out.

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