Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Wow, that felt fast !

Pleased with tonights' Derby Mercury chaingang - over a minute faster than last week and averaging 24.9mph over about 19 miles so very pleased. Quite a few very strong riders out including Chris M. A few traffic lights on route too to slow down for...

4th over the line and legs felt very good tonight. Chuffed !
How the hell people do TT times over 25mph I'll never know

Sunday, 26 February 2012

Edale run with Saul n Graham :13mile 1,000m

Awesome run and legs felt good again.
Proper offroad terrain which was nice.
Good to get back to what I loved pre-mountain biking really.
Groughs and trods all the way as you can probably see from the routemap below.
Proper running conditions, none of those noncy poncy footpaths! Between Grindsbrook and top of Fairbrook
Andy B gave us a lift to Edale before he headed off to recce Edale Skyline Pt1. We headed up Grindsbrook to start, then headed over to Fairbrook, long descent then long climb which I'd never done before up a small trod to the northern edge of Kinder. Then via plane wreck, over to the western edge, round to Downfall and back to Crowden / Grindsbrook and down. Straight down ! Graham was checking out his Edale Country show descent. Blimey - it was chuffin steep !
Spot the sections on Kinder plateau ?!?
And the ski slope finish ?
Perfect early Spring morning. Grindsbrook.

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

D&W 3hr Mini MM, Calver

 8th Overall, 4th Old Git

Overall, a great 3 hours running in amazing weather conditions.
Legs felt great again (not as fast as they should be but certainly holding out for the distance).

I went to the wrong path junction for No10 (15pts!) and if I'd have collected it would have been 2nd overall. Pity.

Not sure that going up to Curbar and Froggatt edges twice (once at start, then at end) was completely the best choice - but so what - when the weather's that good and nothing aches, what's not to love !!!
Start up to Curbar, then clockwise ending up  heading
up to Froggatt. Not sure this was the best choice ?

Results here

Sunday, 5 February 2012

20 Mile run, niggle free !

20 mile run. Sorted. Niggle free ! Beautiful running today. T and Lewis gone to her mums in Nottingham, so I took the opportunity ! Popped up to mums too late afternoon for a few jobs.

Strava iPhone app - just got a whole deal better...

Well, its always been good, but it's just got a whole deal better ! Previously, you've been able to record a new ride, check out feeds from your previous rides (not friends rides though), edit  your profile and adjust settings.

From the screenprint to the right, you can see they've just added a new 'Explore' function which is one thing it has been missing. It's just like having your laptop in your pocket now - in that you can check out which Segments there are in the local area. Brilliant !!!! And all for free. Unbelievable.