Monday, 19 December 2011

NDCXL Round 11, Sherwood Pines

51st out of 156.  Brilliant fun !

Wow, that was again a fantastic race. Great weather, Teresa, Dave and Lewis spectating and almost a festive air (there was some tinsel on show !)

The course wasn't as twisty as some which is a great thing in my book. A couple of fireroads and a very tiny bit of mud made it one of my favourite courses of the year so far.

Lack of some top end training in the last few weeks meant that I felt underprepared - whether I actually was or not is another thing - probably made about 2 places difference ?

It's been a great league so far and looking back at the races for "an all in great day" I'd rank them ...

1. Alfreton park - amazing weather, mum came along in the campervan and not too twisty
2. Holme Pierrepoint - amazing weather, a course that seemed to have everything. It felt like a class course.
3. Sherwood Pines - amazing weather, not too twisty or muddy

Dave Fletcher won (Boardman Elite) and Dan Booth also passed me (Cult Racing) - great to see them making it look so easy.

Results here

Training now turns to running, which I've tried to do a bit over the last week or two. The 30th December beckons !!!