Sunday, 26 February 2012

Edale run with Saul n Graham :13mile 1,000m

Awesome run and legs felt good again.
Proper offroad terrain which was nice.
Good to get back to what I loved pre-mountain biking really.
Groughs and trods all the way as you can probably see from the routemap below.
Proper running conditions, none of those noncy poncy footpaths! Between Grindsbrook and top of Fairbrook
Andy B gave us a lift to Edale before he headed off to recce Edale Skyline Pt1. We headed up Grindsbrook to start, then headed over to Fairbrook, long descent then long climb which I'd never done before up a small trod to the northern edge of Kinder. Then via plane wreck, over to the western edge, round to Downfall and back to Crowden / Grindsbrook and down. Straight down ! Graham was checking out his Edale Country show descent. Blimey - it was chuffin steep !
Spot the sections on Kinder plateau ?!?
And the ski slope finish ?
Perfect early Spring morning. Grindsbrook.