Wednesday, 7 March 2012

MTBO 3hr Winter League, Hayfield

Yes, that's C.O.L.D. !
Chuffin 'eck, that was cold !

After a stunning week of weather, a lovely short sleeved Strava KOM ride yesterday tea time and stunning weather on the day after this event, Sunday was a blast from hell!!

I did however take a choice of gloves for the event - sadly the wrong choice - I took summer and spring gloves when I needed my full on winter mitts.

I couldn't find control 1, then it got colder and slower after that. 200 pts - lowest this season by around 100 pts. Killian got 265pts (hats off) and Nick Craig 300.

Dave gave me and Graham a lift, so it was good to hook up in the awesome Rosies Tea Shop before heading back. Lentil and Veg Soup, Raspberry Scone and a latte. At least that lot put a smile back on my face !

Results here

The big downside to this event is that after only gaining 66pts from this event (200 / 300) I now have to turn up to Linacre to keep my average score up which is I think mid 90's. Bugger.