Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Mountain Mayhem 2013, Gatcombe Park

This was my first Mountain Mayhem and the first at this new venue. Overall, it was a great weekend - the weather wasn't bad, the company was good and the course was ok.

Putting on a course for 1000's of people to ride continually over 24hours is hard - unless it's a trail centre type surface, it's never gonna hold up under poor weather.

There's been lots of debate over on the STW Forum in the days since with people saying that there was ;

* Not enough Singletrack
* Not enough techy stuff
* Too many hard climbs

but for me, it was a course you could race hard, there was lots of chances to overtake, some bits which required thought and the climbs were great! The red bull timed section was the icing on the cake. Night laps too were an absolute pleasure as they were a few years back at Newcastleton 24. The course takes on a tranquil air that I really enjoy. Perhaps next year, they could make a few of the longer sections more all weather somehow ?

Results here for Sports Mixed with my times between 44 mins and 53 mins.

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