Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Paddy Buckley Reccie : Capel Curig to Nantmor (and back)

Well, it's been a while since anything's gone on this blog - and like most people, I've succumbed to injury. The inov8s I wore in November were really really bad for my feet - I didn't know quite how bad they were at the time as they felt so comfortable. Something's just wrong with how they grip my heel. I've been left for months limping around with Feb being the first month runs were semi normal and it was only a few Tuesday's ago that I had a normal Tuesday night training session and felt ok at the end of it.

So, what better time to go out and run 35 mile - when I'm only just back to "normal" !! The offroad reccie went well apart from me not realising there weren't any streams on route (despite it being littered with water / tarns), so I had to make do with half a water bottle until just before the quarries so about 4 hours.

No real NAV issues apart from the route up Cnicht which is best done (after consulting Helen) from a small dam wall, heading up the stone wall the other side. 

The run back to the car was more of a deal than I had expected. I had 3 legs of 5 mile to get back - first leg was the minor road to the A road before Nant Gwynant. Second was up to Pen y Gwyryd. Third was back to Capel. I really really struggled here. Now I think it's the fact that I can't do flat stuff. Tagging that on the end of 7 hours on the fell was I think the problem. In the end it turned into a walk / shuffle due to tummy issues too (Note to self : limit fig roll intake next time!).

Overall, a glorious day out in the Welsh hills. Stunning weather and views with me seeing noone on the hills until after Cnicht summit.

9h40m 35 miles.
Morning light (8am) Looking back on Moel Siabod

Top Right - Capel Curig, all the way down to the Moelwyns and past Croeor, then back up the road. gpx was cut short so I did actually make it back to the start

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