Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Eyam Moor Orienteering, Blue course

Lovely morning out in the blustery winter-ness of Abney Moor. Meg's first event too and she did really well navigating to all the controls using compass alone. My first two controls were a disaster but once I got used to the scale I was there or thereabouts. Control 5 - should have trusted my instinct and not stopped short of it! Control 13 - I was standing next to it for about 5 mins it seems. Annoying I should have checked the map again. Control 14 - was following the other guys heading up the hill - blissfully unaware that they weren't going for my control. When I realised I'd they weren't I was already near the top of the hill - Doh! Control 8 - pleased with that as it was full on compass bearing territory! Loved it.

Results here
Full splits here

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