Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Brownbacks Lee Quarry, Round 3, 21 August

(courtesy Yorkshire Gallery)
Great race the weekend up at Lee Quarry, Bacup. I'd never been before and I'd heard great things about it so half the reason I wanted to race was to check it out.

It's a great area and on the day, the Brownbacks guys set up two courses - one for "heros and lads" classes and one for the "warriors and racers" classes. As it became apparent on the practice lap that Dave and me did, we weren't seemingly doing much of the sweepy, swoopy, bermy stuff I'd heard about but quite a bit of up with some down ! Right at the end of the practice lap I'd felt a ding on my back rim for the second time and this time it flatted - good timing to remind me to up the tyre pressure - a lot !

Great course - I made the mistake of not taking enough water (had half my tiny bottle before the race started). Also - getting chainsuck from my middle ring from about 4 laps in, so I never really felt like I was "racing" more like riding. No mechanicals though

Start line with Quarry Trails in background (courtesy Yorkshire Gallery)
7th I think in the Warriors class which was fine really. Disappointed that we never had chance to take in the sweepy stuff that the heros and lads course seemed to, but there's a reason now to get back up there, ride it properly and check out Cragg Quarry too (which looks awesome from what I've seen from the Mary Townley Loop).

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