Monday, 2 January 2012

Xmas 2011 (inc Long Tour of Bradwell reccie)

Well, work tomorrow - best not to think about it really.
Another great Christmas - Teresa's been off all the time and Lewis (now being 5) enjoyed it amazingly.
We've been really busy, so I'll just try and do a memory dump of what we've all been up to...
  • Xmas Eve, trip to Warwick to see Liz / Paul / Sam / Jack, then meet up with all the family at the Unicorn
  • Xmas Day - Lewis's best pressies being the remote control car, the flashing light ball, the Pinball machine. Mum down for lunch then quick walk up to Belper lane end with nice windy weather and a lovely dinner from Teresa.  Gruffalo's child on, then kiddies Monopoly which was great fun !
  • Boxing Day - Walk from Curbar Gap down then up to the Grouse. Very Windy ! Lewis helped build a den that had blown down
  • 27th - Ice Skating, then Dick Whittington which I have to say is the funniest thing I've seen in ages. Teresa's mum n dads for Tea which was nice - more games and Lewis winning many prizes !
  • 28th - York for the Railway Museum. Very Windy. Museum great and felt nice n Christmassy in York. We walked round the wall, then called in at a nice t shop for Wensleydale n Walnut pate with Coffee. Even Lewis kinda liked it ! Minster was £9 each so we didn't go in, then Pizza Express which was lovely. Lewis and me asleep in the back all the way back ! Mum fell over on her ankle and sprained it, so I stopped there.
  • 29th - getting mum to Ripley A&E. Very helpful people. Popped home then went back for the next few nights.
  • 30th - The Long Tour of Bradwell (picture pending!). 35ish miles from Bradwell 06:20. Krish, Helen, Andy Basey and Karl all had a great day of varying lengths (Karl : family stuff and Andy : 2.5 week old baby at home !). A few wrong turns around Druid Stone and just under Win Hill / Yorks Bridge but all OK. Calf problems all day and stride length just got shorter and shorter to such an extent that I swear I've never ran so slowly and the last 2 miles ! Hey - all sorted anyway by 14:30, Pint & Apple Pie but I didn't really warm up for the rest of the day. Very very achy reflecting lack of long runs. Hard with all the climbing. (6300ft)
  • 31st - Helping out at Thornbridge in the afternoon followed by early doors meal in the stables bar at Monsal Head. Lovely Meal - always is there. Spent the evening planning long runs !
  • 1st - NYD walk with families from Grindleford Cafe. Good to see Pete and Ruth again. Windy and wet over White Edge added to stress levels for Chris ! Warm up in the Grouse then back to cars. Watched "The Great Barrier Reef" with Lewis which he loved and Bear Grylls and Jonathan Ross in the Jungle which was good too.
  • Today - Very cold ride finding ice up near Elton. This lead to plan B which ended up in 2h45m round the back of Chatsworth. Legs tired still. Lovely family walk in the afternoon up by Alport Heights and the Midshires Way. Blue Skies, Stunning.

Hand made Creche
Teresa and Jack

Olivia mad for it
Lewis and Jo

Druids Stone, Kinder
Den Rebuilding
Remote Control Car !