Friday, 18 May 2012

Training Hours Feb-Mar-Apr 12

Training Hours last 3 months Run & Bike (inc commutes typically 12 hrs / mth)
I've never looked at my training load at all before. Now I'm on Strava, it's a handy place to store all the info.
My natural instinct is to create a spreadsheet, but I wasn't that worried about training effort really, so I thought that if it happens to pop out of Strava then all the better.

Note that this is hours, not miles and it includes running and cycling (and commuting on the bike which is 12hrs per month typically). Hours is more representative as miles would not differentiate between bike and run.

The reason I'm more interested this year is that I seem to be doing less training than ever, but feeling stronger than ever running and on the bike. I can't help but feel that I'm training way too little - but conversely finding Ultras very easy so I can't be doing too much wrong. I think if / when I switch to short fell races again then I may find them hard. One way to find out....

Think I'll try and find out how much other people train and seem how I compare. Will update soon...

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