Friday, 8 June 2012

Tansley Fell Race

4.3mile, 7th out of 64

Tansley Hill Run Route : Clockwise
The weather over the last few days has been truly gruesome but - unlike Mountain Biking - running in the rain is actually just as pleasurable as running in the dry. I got there early and did a warm up half lap to loosen the legs. It was good to see Krish, Andy Rose and Craig along to make a 4 strong Belper Harriers turnout.

A small field meant I was quite near the front on the first few climbs.  This race with hindsight proved a good test as over the last 2 short races, I've teetered on the edge of going too fast but always kept it just in check. Last night I didn't keep it in check and pushed too hard early on suffering from burning legs then for the whole of the climb from miles 1.7 to 2.7 on the bottom gradient profile. As soon as it eased off (on the road) I eventually got things under control and started feeling strong again. I might have lost a place or so I think due to this error.

After 2 steep climbs at 1.6m and 2.5m,
all other climbs near the end are on road
A Ripley guy (must have been Dean Taylor who finished 2nd) came past me and as I'm normally good on the climbs, I thought I'd stick with him. Yes, I know now that was a cock up and I didn't know he was going to eventually finish 2nd!  I overcooked it big style so by the top of that climb, I felt like everything was difficult. I forgot what that horrible feeling was like! The deluge of rain turned the stream leading down to Lumsdale falls into a raging torrent, but it all added to the epic quality of fell running.

It took ages to get a good feeling back in my legs (over a mile) but eventually they started talking to me. I overtook James Furniss on the road and I could hear guys behind me, but kept pushing - holding them all off...

...Until the final 30 yds where - despite a full on sprint from both of us - Simon Flitter (Matlock AC) showed to be a better sprinter and just took me on the run in.

Well done to Krish for finishing about 50seconds behind me and to Andy Rose and Craig. We all finished in the Top 20 which was good.

A few beers in the Tavern after and I got a completely unexpected surprise - the first Vet40 trophy! Very pleased. Overall - good race, learnt a few things, nice drinks after and a trophy to add to the collection!

Results here

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