Friday, 31 August 2012

Last 5h Run before the Bob Graham

What a day to take off work - we were out early, so low sun, heather still in bloom and the temperature warm in the sun and just right in the shade. Oh, and barely a cloud in the sky !
The First Half of the Climb up Fairbrook
I wanted to get about 5hrs done before next weekend and it just had to be Kinder. Now, although Kinder is the site of my recent sprained ankle, it is just so versatile and HARD ! 
Everywhere looked simply stunning today as Andy and me met up with Alistair in Edale car park. The climb up Grindsbrook  was despatched easily - taking the right fork at the top and then heading round to Crowden Clough and Edale Cross. Andy's apparent dizziness giving him some grief seemingly. Still, we progressed down to Coldwell Clough where we decided to split... Andy taking the shortcut to the res whilst Alistair and me adding in two very stiff climbs.

Once up to the top of William Clough, I was very pleased to have despatched 3 climbs almost at threshold with Alistair but yet having no problems with the legs at all. Alistair really showed me up on the final climb though - a natural climber clearly.

I warned folks that the descent was long to the bottom of Fairbrook but even I forgot just how long. We went down for ages ! All without a care in the world, legs moving freely, enjoying the company and lapping up the scenery.

Then came the Fairbrook climb - one I love. We thought it best that Andy shortcut up to Seal Stones whilst Alistair and me went for it.  I got half way up then stepped aside to let Alistair really push his training in readiness for the Snowdonia Half IronMan he's got in 3 weeks (which ends in a climb up and down Snowdon on the Llanberis path). He did well, making good ground on me and I wasn't going at all slow.
After meeting with Andy at Seal Stones we dispatched the traverse to Blackden and crossing of Kinder easily leaving just the Ringing Roger descent to Edale.

All in all, a fantastic day. My favourite Peak District training run of the year by far. Legs felt great at the end and everything is looking comfortable for next weekend.

Route : Edale, Grindsbrook, Edale Cross, Coldwell Clough, Hayfield, Shooting Cabins, William Clough
Black Ashop Moor, Fairbrook climb, Kinder Northern edge, Ringing Roger, Edale.


Anonymous said...

Good luck on the BG. Looks like you'll get good conditions. Let us know how you get on.

Alan Billington said...

Cheers Mark. Will do write up. It truly felt like the pinnacle of everything I've ever trained for. Serious clag lost my time