Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Sleepless in the Saddle, 24h MTB

Sheila and Teresa sorted this one out - quickly getting the mixed veteran team together including Dennis, Dave and me. Teresa was the only one of us not to have done one of these 24h events before (although she supported me at Newcastleton 24h solo).

The event at Catton Park started warm n sunny - just like last year. Course was basically the same, so generally fast and enjoyable. It also rained around tea time - just like last year too! Sadly, when last year dried really quick, this year it most definitely didn't!

A great event with no 'lows' so when other teams seemed to be dropping like flies, we just kept on going - to be honest having the Olympics on in the Campervan watching Mo Farah win the 10k with the heater on too certainly helped me stay motivated !

We finished 1st Mixed Vet Team which was quite a surprise.

Teresa checking out her new superwide rear tyre

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