Sunday, 20 January 2013

Ultra Tour de Matlock Bath (UTMB), 29 miles, 4500ft

For some reason, I've never really done anything over 3 hours from Belper. I suppose if I normally want a hard run we pile in the car and head up to Edale etc.

Edale was the original plan today until the spell of wintry weather hit us on Friday, leaving small roads pretty unpassable. Plan B was quickly hatched and having a quick look at the map yesterday to cobble together a 5 hour plus run, Saul, Graham n me have created a new local classic! It was proper hard - at least comparable to the Long Tour of Bradwell I think ? We were predominantly on paths not tracks like a lot of Ultras and needless to say the amount of tarmac was absolutely minimal.

Starting from Belper at the bottom, we went Clockwise
The weather just made it even more fun.

Saul and Graham yacking just after Bonsall
Thanks for a great morning guys, I'm not sure if we'll ever repeat this but I think we should at some point. Would make a cracking night run !!
Graham Sheep Bothering at Wakebridge

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