Thursday, 16 May 2013

BDL Summer League Race, Ilkeston 5:58/mile

First BDL in around 2 years.

The last one I did was terrible - went off too fast and just got slower and slower. Despite it raining last night, I really enjoyed the fast pace even though my legs (calves) are hurting loads now. I finished in 36th place (out of 240, so top 15%) which is lower than I used to finish (mid 20s) so I'm not sure if the other clubs have got faster or I've got slower. I'm sure it's the former - couldn't possibly be the latter!

Got an average pace of 5:58min / mile. I don't know much about pace, but I do know that's the fastest I've done on Strava - mainly because all my runs are normally offroad over hills. Don't think I could have kept that up for much longer though...

Results spreadsheet here
Strava link here

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