Sunday, 12 May 2013

Cressbrook Crawl Fell Race

I'd not done this one before and seeing as Teresa was away from Sat afternoon onwards (in Swaledale) then I thought I'd sneak this one in whilst I could. Thankfully, Sean fancied it too so kindly gave me and official photographer for the day - Ed - a lift. Parking at the converted mill at the bottom, Sean and I warmed up much quicker than we thought with the very steep road climb to the Cressbrook club near the top of the hill.
Free Beer - what more excuse do you need to do a Fell Race ??
The race looked good - a big climb out of Millers Dale, plus lots of smaller climbs with no really rough stuff. It was a lovely club where registration was held - I think it could entice me to live there ! - and a nice relaxed atmosphere with around 100 runners on the start line. We were warned of overkeen cattle and horses enroute and then off we went, up the road then fast down to Millers Dale.

After last Tuesdays Burbage and a Chaingang on Thursday the lungs were getting used to this strange feeling of hard work. It still wasn't easy though - especially when you try and keep up with the guys in front who always just keep pulling away !
Starting outside the Phonebox (top right) going anticlockwise

The drop down through Brushfield to Monsal Dale was limestone and it had just started raining, so I took it a little steady - soon to hear fell shoes chasing me down from behind. The next section round to the Monsal Trail was far longer than I thought and just kept on going - gradually up hill!

Gradually, the guy in front got further and further away, but thankfully so did the guy behind. I finished 8th out of 101 finishers in 50 mins, so Top 8%. That free pint didn't touch the sides - and it was nice to help Sean out with his too as he was driving. Great race, some flat bits in the middle, but enough off road to keep the interest and great scenery to boot.

Write up and results here

Route Profile showing the long (hard) flatish stretch in the middle

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