Sunday, 11 August 2013

Long Tour of Bradwell 2013, 33 miles 6300ft, 5h42

Quite easy to see where the 6300ft is made up really...
Really enjoyed this local Fell Ultra last year, so it was always on the calendar for this year. Not that that makes it a 'season long race goal' or owt, it just means a couple of 5 mile races to loosen the legs up might be required.

I don't think I've done anything over 12 miles since Saul n Graham's BGR back in May, but as with all these Ultras - the distance seems to stay in your legs you just need to top the speed up.

Weather on the day was great but I don't know whether it was due to a cold I had or not, but I've never sweated like that before in a race - so I knew topping up on water all day long was absolutely essential. As it happened, a full bottle at each water stop wasn't enough and I had to top up from a tap and a stream too on the route round.

I also tried Torq Sundried Banana Bars * 6 to keep me fuelled up. Sadly, after 2 I couldn't really stomach any more so struggled to get em down. Think I'll stick to the Mars Bars next time.

Pacing was spot on all day - no highs and no lows. Well, Stanage was a low but it always is. Burbage finished me off but it always does and got the right line through Lawrencefield this year. Finished quite well up through Abney too and down and into Bradwell.

Can't argue with 3 mins quicker than last year. Good to see Dan a couple of miles from the end - surprised he even turned up after the L100 a few weeks back! Adam ran well too finishing 6 mins ahead of me - pity he took a wrong turn round Burbage otherwise he'd have been 10mins + up. Conditions were spot on really all day despite me losing several gallons of sweat!

Think I was 12th overall out of about 100 and 3rd V40. A very high quality field it seems

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