Monday, 30 September 2013

Shipley Park Cyclocross Round 4

That's why I love Cyclocross!
Brilliant circuit, brilliant conditions and totally spent at the end !

Not ridden at Shipley before, so we all headed down in the Campervan despite Teresa feeling worse for wear after the previous night out in Derby. Poor Lewis had a great U9 circuit, but took a corner too sharp and came off on loose gravel twice.  The second time his chainset ring protectors completely disintegrated making it very tricky to get the chain off but we managed in the end so at least he could muck around with Oli.

My lap looked to suit me - fast and hilly with only a few twists and what a great race it was. Probably my favourite course so far. I finished higher than normal coming in 19th out of 130 odd. A great day all in.

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