Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Stanage Struggle Fell Race

First race in a while.

Although the Blogs been empty, there's still be a decent level of low level activity kicking off - Sunday morning runs, zero carbs runs and last weekends aborted Lake District Mountain Trial, not aborted until 30 mins after it was due to start ! Never mind, still got 4.5hrs in.

Never done the Struggle, but always wanted to, so when Martin at work reminded me it was on, Saturday's CX race was quickly replaced in the diary with this beauty. And what a corker it was too !  9.9km in a bit over 47 mins, steady climb then steady descent - well, as steady as you can get at race pace with max HR ! Lost a couple of places on the run to High Neb, then lost another 2 places on the descent. But it was worth it - the views were just to die for on a perfect September day in the Peaks in my favourite location.

32nd out of 322 so another result pretty much bang on the Top 10% mark !

The race was topped off by spending the rest of the day around there in the Campervan with Teresa and Lewis with lunch at the Pool Cafe in Hathersage - top cheap food, perfect for cyclists and runners.

If only all days were just half this good.

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