Tuesday, 13 May 2014

BDL Summer League Race, Ilkeston, 5:57/mile 69ft

Well, certainly not my usual elevation profile !!!

Nice warm evening and lots of Belper Harriers down tonight. Legs felt solid after the Lakes at the weekend but the sheer 'flatness' of this was a little daunting - I find that in TT's or flat races once I max out my breathing, I really struggle to get it under control again. With this in mind I set off at a 'comfortable race' pace. Out of breath, but not maxing out! Thankfully, I held this pace for the rest of the race and even had a sprint finish taking two runners finishing Top 10%. Results not yet out. 5:57/mile is fast for me, but then again - that was flat for me! Be nice to go faster next time as I really fell like I'm just getting back into this racing thing.

31st out of 308
Strava link here
Results will be here

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