Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Burbage Skyline 2014

Second time I've raced this.
Loved it again.
Write up from last year here

About 310 starters this year as opposed to 360 last year as it's been taken out of the Gritstone series as it's already too popular.

I started slower this year and got held up more at the start, but I was seriously in oxygen deficit last year all the way round so felt that going off slower would help me have a stronger second half. From Mother Cap area I started picking up speed taking around 12 people I think from then onwards. It certainly felt like I'd ran a very strong second half and probably faster overall, but my time was actually a minute slower !

Never mind - you can't compete in a fell race and worry about times. Great night and Andy's first time too. Felt good after

Results 2014 here
43rd out of 310 in 46:42
Results 2013 here
51st out of 358 in 45:38

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