Monday, 15 June 2015

Calver Peak Fell Race

This was the 2nd time I've done this race and I have to admit it wasn't my favourite from last year by any means. There's a fair bit of 'big tracks' on this (first climb, then all round the quarries in the middle) and I much prefer to run on small trods / paths. Tansley was the following day this year, but I couldn't make that due to childcare issues, so it was Calver or nothing this week. Easy choice then!

On the First Climb : Courtesy of JenReg
I'd not really run or done proper training for 2 weeks as I'd been on the Isle of Mull at Calgary, so this could have gone badly. Well, in truth it went as predicted - badly ! I felt comfortable on the first climb, but as soon as it got to the second climb my legs were full of lactic (or that's how it felt). I just started going backwards from the end of the contoury fields.

Starting Top Right, it takes a clockwise route
Stunning views under perfect weather made for a lovely enjoyable run - even if a little bit out of race shape ! We had a full car again with Nathan, Lily and Rachel coming from the Harriers and Rachel and me even managed to drag Nathan and Lily into the pub for a beer after. Good choice !

Race Profile. That middle climb sure felt harder than that !
Results here
This year 30th out of 259
Last year 25th out of 230

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