Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Longstone Chase Fell Race 17th/163

After getting back from the Pyrenees a week or so prior and doing absolutely NO running, it was about time I got out on the fells again! So, after getting back I ran 4 steady days on the trot and unfortunately niggled my achilles. With hindsight, some stretching might have been useful!

Nevertheless, I wasn't going to miss out on The Barrel Inn Fell race, so I thought I'd share a car with the Harriers and head up to take some race photos and capture the Heather in all it's glory...
Eyam Moor after the Barrel Inn Fell racers had gone past...
Luckily, 3 days later it was the Longstone Chase fell race and my niggles had cleared up. After the stunning light  I'd seen on Tuesday I was very keen just to be out there racing even though I'd barely done anything in 3 weeks.

The race felt pretty comfortable even though I felt some way off race fit. Well done to Andy Watson for finishing in front of me - about time mate! Thoroughly enjoyable - especially with Nathan and Ruth both finishing second!
Nathan 2nd Male, Ruth 2nd Female
Results here

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