Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Wingerworth Wobble Fell Race, 4.5 miles

Great race the weekend just gone - the Wingerworth Wobble. I've done this race twice before but they didn't run it for a few years so I've not done it for about 4-5 years.

It used to be in December I think, but the autumnal weather didn't disappoint this weekend. Great weather with light fog clearing and after getting there early for a quick reccie with Andy W and Chris all we found was tracks and tarmac - I didn't remember it being like this ? I remember it being a great race? Maybe I'd got a bit confused over the 5 or so years since I'd last done it ? Once we got under way and we got out of the village it was soon clear that that first section is the only main road section in the race and you're very quickly climbing off road for a long, long way!

That first climb went on for a good while through some lovely woods before popping out on a road then climbing through fields again. It was here that I suddenly noticed I was running on my own with noone in front or behind and I couldn't see any tape in the current field to work out which way I should go. It felt really weird standing still in a race and I was just about to get my phone GPS out when I saw what I thought was some tape down hill and left. Thank god it was! Lost about 30 seconds, so nothing major and didn't lose any places, but lost ground to Mick Stenton (4th place).

The final field is all up hill and I nearly chuckled to myself when there was a huge array of supporters standing at the top - all looking at me as there were no other runners around - so what was the chances of easing off on that final climb - zero! I could tell I'd not done a short sharp fell race for a while as breathing was harder than it should have been throughout the race.

Chris and Andy really really enjoyed it too. It was a great local fell race and one to try and do every year.

Overall, 5th out of 80ish I think in 34 minutes.
Results here

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