Monday, 20 July 2015

BDL League Race : Carsington 6:32/mile

Carsington BDL is a regular fixture in our local league and it's normally typified by two things from what I remember. Thunderstorms and a course which is far harder than it should be. Thankfully - we only had the latter this year!

I was hoping for a good run this year. The preceding weeks had gone well - no niggles and lots of biking at weekend, plus one fell race per week. Following my recent trend, I thought I'd cycle to the race to loosen the lungs up on the hills on the way there so Chris and me headed over via a good few hills and I felt suitably "loosened" when I got there, Nice to see Marcus at this race - it was the first time I'd seen him since his Clif 10 Peaks race 10 days ago. Thankfully it went well (16hrs) and has now cemented in his mind that he's tackling the Bob Graham next year. Well done lad.

I'm also trialling delaying my breakfasts until lunchtime - my breakfast bowls are getting just way too big and often I don't find myself hungry at breakfast so I'm eating for the sake of eating. I was interested to see how the running would be affected if at all.

The race went well. I ran as good as I could have hoped - overtaking many who I normally finish with and not fading at the end. Finishing 25th out of 307 that's about as high as I normally place in these league races, so very happy! The course was slightly longer than previous years, so comparing times wasn't possible.

Can't quite rationalise me running 6:26/mile last year and 6:32/mile this year - I certainly felt faster this year although it was slightly longer with a bit more climb.

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