Thursday, 22 September 2011

Dalby Forest MTBO Weekend

Nice weekend just gone. We met up with Sheila and Dennis and took the van and Lewis.  After a bad forecast and a torrential downpour on the way up, the weekend turned out really good compared to what we expected !

Saturday was my turn. A 3 hour MTBO round the woods, but I thought I'd use my CX bike as good training for next weekends 3 Peaks.

Saturday's MTBO Map - 3 hours
As ever, I was thwarted by bad route choice ! Never sure if I can clear the courses (as I don't know how hard they set them at NYMBO), I opted to miss a 5 pointer and a 10 pointer near the start and set about clearing all others.  Despite a 10minute cock up heading out of Control 18 east instead of west, it went pretty well on the cross bike, despite having no stopping power whatsoever on the descents !

Getting back to the finish nearly 20 mins early was the next "issue". I ran out of controls to collect, but I thought - "what the hell, I've done them all apart from 15 points".  Anyway, it was only on checking my results that I found I'd missed Control 16 (20pts) down near Worry Gill / Medusas drop area. Gutted !

I think I need to just go for all controls next time and lop then off at the end. I do also now finally need a better map board as mine just isn't good enough for competing at the top level.  Lovely evening including a look round the very swanky Pace bike shop in the woods and the purchase of a nice T Shirt.

A lovely Sunday morning on the High Rigg site

Sunday morning was just stunning ! Sunday was her turn, who along with Sheila and Dennis was doing the shorter 50k Marathon route over the moors.

Lewis excited about being in charge of the event !

Lewis and me volunteered to help marshal a control as Steve Willis was short of volunteers. As we had the van it was easy. Lewis was very excited when I told him we were in charge of the event ! He was very busy asking riders if they needed a water top up !

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