Wednesday, 5 October 2011

24Hour Solo 2012, Newcastleton

Dates have apparently just been released - although they're not on this weblink, sorry. Apparently it's the 7th April 2012 which is a whole month earlier than last year.

This means quite a few things ...
  • No birthday celebrations the day before - I'll need to line a beer up on the finish line !
  • Less daylight - more torchlight. A quick check on some sites shows that daylight early April compared to early May is approximately 2 hours shorter (presumably 1 in evening, 1 in morning?). I better get upgrading my batteries then...
  • Less time / no time for summertime training.  Having those longer nights just makes it naturally easier to do longer rides. Oh well, looks like I'll have to practice night riding before the event too.
Note - that all of the above assume that I will be entering - something I'm really not sure on at this point in time.

Watch this space.

Re-looking at the 2011 results, I've just noticed that if I'd have been 'arsed' to go out and do two more laps (at the end) then I'd have been 4th Vet male. Yeah, I know that's a big 'if', but it's interesting. Keith Forsyth in 3rd did 2 more laps in the same time that I did (plus 30 mins). If he had two bikes, then it's easy to see how he did it. I lost soooooo much time sorting my bike out. Not good.

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