Sunday, 16 October 2011

MTBO 3hr Winter League 1, Edale

Another day of perfect autumnal weather, despite car saying 6 degrees and me not having mitts, sleeves and shorts !

Nevertheless a good ride apart from probably 10 mins wasted getting to 16 (nearly got to Win Hill then doubled back and a stoopid route to 9 probably wasting 3-4 mins. I think the opposite way round was optimal as my push up from 17 to Hollins cross was dire !

Never mind, more haste less speed - as ever !

Results here, 4th out of 147
5,10,13 then wrong way to 16 then long way to 9,20,15,17
then big push up to 1,3,4,11,19,18,6,12,7,2