Sunday, 16 October 2011

NDCXL Round 6, Alfreton Park

Well, that's what bike racing is all about.

Stunning day. Picked mum up on the way to Alfreton and met Teresa there after she'd done about 50 mile with Rich (wore him out apparently !).

Parked the van up and out to test a few laps.  Great course similar to last year but with more section in the woodland. Very dry and fast but not overly twisty like Allestree was.  More climbing and descending on this one too, which played to my strengths.

My start was terrible with people passing me left and right. People do seem very very agressive with some plain stupid overtaking at completely wrong points on the first lap. Like before the first log hop when there's a line of us (10?) steadily getting over it, when all of a sudden out of nowhere through all the brambles a bloke carries and stumbles his bike passing about 3 riders. Good luck to him that's what I thought ! A few 'queues' like this meant more time slipping away to the top 30 guys.

Anyway, it soon became apparent that I'd dropped loads of places on the start (probably about 70-80th place at a guess) so had to work hard to make em up. I made up loads of ground on the long climbs and just about held my ground (if I concentrated!) on the flats n downs.  The course was lovely and swoopy and was an absolute pleasure to ride. I think I nearly smiled at several points.

Nice to have mum, Lewis, Teresa, Dave and Martin there too.

I lost a contact lens two laps from the end which initially slowed me down, but once I realised I knew where all the roots were already, I was riding it as fast as previously I think.

Finished 48th out of 176 finishers. Not overly pleased with that, but I did overtake masses.