Saturday, 8 October 2011

MTBO Night 2hr, Monsal Head, 1st out of 54


After two nights off I did feel better with legs slightly rested.

The last few weeks of chaingangs and racing have been really tiring. I find the Tuesday and Thursday sessions very hard and last weekends CX at Allestree left me feeling empty, so Tuesday night's session with Derby Mercury this week was taken 'easy'.

It seems to have paid off with me winning last night - and more importantly beating local rivals Andy Douglas and Pat Higgins - both great MTBO riders.  Only Andy and me cleared the course. Really happy as my tyres being hard meant 1 loose rocky descent from Eyam to Stoney Middleton was 'amateurish' at best and a control up on Calver Moor was overshot (couldn't find the track).

Only disappointment on the night was my helmet light packing up just before the last control - good job I didn't need to map read after that otherwise I'd have had my joystick in my gob !

Battery is meant to last 2.5-3h. It only did 1h50. Not good.

I also mounted my joystick upside down - under - the handlebars. This meant that it gives a lower light casting more shadows which is actually really useful as it shows up rocks that way. Helmet lights don't show up rocks really as you can't 'see' the shadows !

Control order : 1,5,7,4,10,13,16,12,14,15,9,6,11,8,2,3
Results here