Friday, 17 June 2016

Carsington 2h MTBO / Trailquest

Not done a Trailquest for many a year, but this week it fitted in well - I'd been fell racing a lot and it was Mountain Mayhem next weekend so I needed to test the bike and bike legs out a bit!

I always love doing these. A good workout - sometimes new paths or bridleways plus maps. What's not to like ? Well, the weather for one - it virtually didn't stop raining from the minute I left my house to the minute I got back. Sadly - I decided it would be a better workout to cycle there and cycle back too - adding more pain and sogginess into the mix!

Anyway - it was a good evening all in - I was second to Killian Lomas - he cleared the course with 225pts, I got 215 points and was second. He went clockwise, I went anticlockwise. and with hindsight I do wish I'd gone clockwise. Most offroad sections I tackled were uphill!

Results here
Strava here

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