Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Riber Run 2016 17th/156

I was keen to get back fell racing after my Scottish Isles trip and MTBing last week (Trailquest and Mountain Mayhem) so seeing as this was one of my favourite races last year it was great to see so many Harriers join me on this local classic!

Riber Run 2016 Race Route

Riber Run Route Profile
 Hills were a struggle - I was sorely overdue running training and hill rep training - so being 1 minute slower than last year was probably not too bad - it was slightly slippier too than last year so it felt about right. Lewis came with me so nice pint with Lewis and Nick in the Jug and Glass afterwards.
The Belper Harriers before the Riber Run 2016

Results link here 17th out of 156 so top 10.9%
Strava flyby here showing Nick's "walkabouts" around Hearthstone lane.

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