Friday, 27 June 2014

Mountain Mayhem 2014, Gatcombe Park 10th Mixed Team

The Start
Cracking event this year at Gatcombe Park with Sheila, Dennis, Pete (from work), Dave and me forming the Formidable 5 again for the 5th year running I think. This is certainly the first year we've had it rain free as a team and what a difference that made - smiles all round from everyone all weekend and not a sole at the bike Jet Wash !

The whole track was dry and dusty and as I hadn't had a pre ride of the track my first lap was 'jittery' at best. As the laps went on, laps felt smoother and I was carrying more speed out of corners with lots of the descents putting a big grin on my face. Last years lap seemed to have small climbs and descents whereas this year had more bigger climbs and descents. In fact, most of the first half was downhill and most of the second half was uphill with two killer climbs right at the end of the lap - both were right in the granny ring territory.
Dave and me looking relatively sedate at changeover
Dave and me did double laps again during the night - again - really enjoyable laps although it didn't seem to go as quiet during the night laps as I remember in previous years. I got the dawn laps too - probably my favourites, although not quite as fast as the day laps as I couldn't quite see all the roots in the woods.

We all had a great time, even with Dave and Sheila having a misunderstanding going into the penultimate lap where Dave found he had to do a double lap - only when Sheila was nowhere to be seen in transition !

10th Overall in Mixed is our best result so far I think. I think there was over 70 mixed teams too.

Results here

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