Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Peak Epic Sportive, 4300m ascent (inc there n back)

After completing the Peak Epic last year in truly horendous conditions (blown onto the centre of the road by Cat n Fiddle), the weather this year was completely the opposite - with sunburn and dehydration being the only problems!

As I got round last year and felt strong at the end, then what better idea than to cycle to the event and back - via a few hills ! Yay - I did kinda think I'd bitten off more than I could chew as I was cycling up my fourth hill on theway there, but it was all fine and the legs held out feeling good at the end, if a little frazzled in the heat.

Looking at the splits I lost 2 mins at feed station 1 in Litton by stopping when others didn't (the problem with having just 1 water bottle and cycling to the event!) and from riding alongside the fastest guy for a few miles, it's evident I lost most if not all my time on descents. Tim's a great rider, but very young and the speed he was taking the descents, I just had to look away as he went round blind bends on small gravel roads!

Sadly, the legs were just too tired on the way home to pop by Beeley Hill Climb to see Peejay climbing a mere 9,148m - climbing the height of Everest in a day - for more see here. Puts my mere 4,300m (there and back inc) into touch!

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